The best easy way to memorize Japanese vocabulary & Phrases & Kanji.

If your native language is English, maybe you memorize Japanese words with text like this picture.

Memorize words with text

I think that effective method to learn language is “Memorize words with an imege” like this picture.

Memorize words with an imege

I want you to learn Japanese with a lot of imeges.
So I am making a lot of videos on Youtube “Nihongo Learning*Fujiko&Fujio*”.

I don’t use English my videos.
I speak only Japanese.

If you need English translation, please take a look this Website Page.
I publish English translation on my Website.

I am also preparing Japanese lessons on this Website.
It’s still developing.
I’ll keep getting better.
This website is updated every few days.
Please visit my website sometimes.

We Japanese need a lot of foreigner who can speak Japanese.
Because most of Japanese cannot speak English.
We definitely need your help in the future.

I want you to enjoy learning Japanese.
I hope you will find it helpful.

Thank you.